TOC Clean Validation
Cleaning Validation Swab

Cleaning Validation Swab

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Cleaning Validation Swab

TOC swab cleaning validation Large Microfiber Swab MS713 is designed for surface sampling as well as for general cleaning. Its unique semi-flexible internal paddle provides substantial surface coverage. The groves on its handle make for easy snapping. The cleanroom-laundered, microfiber head provides ultra-low NVR and ion levels. Microfiber Swabs MS713 Basic Info Swab Head: Double-layer Micro Fiber Polyester tip Swab Head Material: Micro Fiber Polyester Swab Handle Material: 100% Virgin Polypropylene Swab Handle Color: Light-green(default) Swab Construction: Thermally bonded Swab Design Notes: Rigid Head Paddle; Large, Easy-Grip Handle

The Huachenyang Cleaning Validation Swabs are used to collect samples in the cleaning validation process. The swabs are used in cleaning validation of equipment that is used to manufacture excipients,

 drugs, and biotechnical products. The swabs can be used for both specific (HPLC, UV-Vis, IMS) and nonspecific (TOC) methods. The swabs can be used with a range of diluents.

The swabs are available in different head and handle sizes. The Huachenyang swab CY-714K is available as a part of the TOC Cleaning Validation Kit. 

Cleaning validation is conducted to verify that no residue remains from a previously manufactured product or from disinfectants and cleaning solutions. Huachenyang offers a full line of cleaning validation swabs and TOC Cleaning Validation Kits to ensure the most accurate and reliable test results.

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Huachenyang TOC Cleaning Validation Kits

The TOC Cleaning Validation Kits have been designed to simplify sampling for cleaning validation. Packaged in cleanroom-compatible polypropylene boxes, these unique kits contain the components necessary to sample 12 or 72 different sections of the production area, and provide for efficient transport of the samples from production to laboratory with minimal chance of contamination.

BACS Part NumberHuachenyang CY NumberPrice (excl GST & Shipping)Packaging
TOC Cleaning Validation Kit containing 12 vials, 24 swabs, 12 labels and one box
Bulk TOC Cleaning Validation Kit containing 72 vials, 144 swabs, 72 labels and one box

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Huachenyang Cleaning Validation Swabs

Several Huachenyang swab models have been specifically engineered to deliver consistent and accurate sample recovery during cleaning validation for both specific (HPLC, UV-Vis, IMS) and nonspecific (TOC) analytical methods. The swabs are effective with a wide range of diluents. CY-714K is also available in the TOC Cleaning Validation Kits.

BACS Part NumberHuachenyang CY-NumberPrice (excl GST & Shipping)Swab DescriptionSwabs per Package
Low TOC iClean® Sampling Swab20
Low TOC iClean® Sampling Swab with Long Handle20
Large iClean® Sampling Swab100

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Huachenyang iClean® Series Swabs

The Alpha Series swabs are widely recommended for surface sampling and cleaning validation work. Cleanroom-laundered, knitted polyester heads are thermally bonded without the use of contaminating adhesives. They provide outstanding chemical resistance with low particle and fibre generation resulting in a neutral background and excellent recovery rates.

BACS Part NumberHuachenyang CY NumberPrice (excl GST & Shipping)Swab DescriptionSwabs per Package
Large iClean® Swab100
Small iClean® Swab500
iClean® Swab with Long Handle100