Liquid Based Swab Kit
FDA approved Wuhan Novel MERS Corona pneumonia virus specimen collection swab kit for suspected Covid-19 infection

FDA approved Wuhan Novel MERS Corona pneumonia virus specimen collection swab kit for suspected Covid-19 infection

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FDA approved Wuhan Novel MERS Corona pneumonia virus specimen collection swab kit 

                                      for suspected Covid-19 infection



3ml Universal transport Medium with nasal throat swab is for high infection 

2019 Wuhan Novel Corona virus Covid-19 specimen collection,storage in normal temperature.

Wuhan Corona virus collection swab kit can be used for the collection, preservation and transportation of Covid-19

helps to detect the supspected infection of Covid-19. 


Due to high infection of Covid-19, our virus preservative is added patented ingredient, 

which can instantly inactivate the corona virus.Can ensure the Doctor & nurse safety.

Then the virus sample will be sent to lab, processed by PCR, and show test request positive or nagetive in about 1 hour.


The Virus transport medium is patented virus preservative to instantly inactivate RNA virus while 

keep single stranded RNA not degrade during the transport &storage in normal temperature

What procedures are needed to identify the pathogen?

(1) The suspected pathogen must be found in all patients, and the pathogenic nucleic acid can be detected in clinical samples of patients;

(2) The pathogen can be successfully isolated from clinical samples;

(3) The isolated pathogens can cause the same symptoms after infecting the host animals. 

The antibody titer of the pathogen in the patient's convalescent serum increased 4 times, which can help to determine the pathogen.

The throat of patients was sampled with huachenyang virus sampling tube and swab, 

and then the subsequent nucleic acid detection and virus isolation were carried out.


According USA CDC a person can get 2019-nCoV by touching a surface or object that has the virus 

on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes.

So sampling the potential Covid-19 survied vrius in the surface of left, office,door handle,factory euqipent is

also key point to prevent potential infection of Sars-CoV.


Low temperature and high air humidity further increase their lifespan.

SARS Covid-19 spreads rather efficiently whenever an infected person sneezes or coughs. If the mucous 

lands on a surface and is touched by a person later, it can then contaminate them, even if the contact 

occurs days after the initial exposure.

Human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces at room temperature for up to 9 days. At a temperature 

of 30°C [86°F] or more, the duration of persistence is shorter. Veterinary coronaviruses have been shown to persist even 

longer for 28 d[ays].

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