DNA Test Swab Kit
Saliva DNA kit CY-98000A

Saliva DNA kit CY-98000A

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Saliva DNA kit CY-98000A

Saliva collector kit、Saliva collection kit

Transport Saliva (Spit) Applicator For Gene

Saliva Test


Saliva tests may not have accurate results in elderly patients who have limited saliva output.

Saliva tests may show your hormone is higher than normal levels when you are using hormone

replacement. Single saliva tests provide a ‘snapshot’ assessment of hormones that fluctuate in

a 24-hour period.



For how to check hormone levels, the saliva test is a simple non-invasive method. It is useful for

monitoring cortisol levels according to your circadian rhythm. It can also be useful for assessing

monthly cyclical estrogen and progesterone output in people.

How to collect saliva

You should collect saliva within 30 minutes after waking up and prior to eating or drinking, exercising

and brushing or flossing your teeth. 

Read more on the Collection Instructions provided in your collection kit. To get accurate results,

make sure your collection all tubes are filled with at least ½ to ¾ full, excluding the bubbles.

We need a saliva collection kit that improves our ability to easily collect relevant high-quality samples 

 in the time frame, we need for this project